About Us


Mark Anthony Brewer is an Air Force veteran, ex-Military Police Officer and one-time army brat. He established his geppettoclothing.com in Chicago, in 2015, basing his art on the endless inspiration he found while traveling the world.

As a former Tattoo Apprentice, Mark has used his drawings, which he had previously placed in Adult Coloring Books, to pronounced effect, designing a unique range of clothing and showcasing Tattoo Art on a variety of apparel.

Geppetto Clothing Chicago lives by the motto "Always the Truth" and is a brand which enjoys working with a diverse range of overseas artists, while celebrating the influence that they can bring to the exciting designs that Geppetto produce.

At Geppetto Clothing we pride ourselves in doing all our own designing, Social Media, Marketing and modeling, bringing our customers something that is truly exclusive and exceptional, in a sea of bland and uninspiring t-shirt brands.

Like Brewtanius Ink (brewtaniusink.com) we create a unique product for unique people. Become a part of our family and stop wearing boring bullshit today!!!
Created in Chicago.

Geppetto Clothing. "ALWAYS THE TRUTH."